See It First: Josi Russell, Fleur Camacho, A.L. Knorr

See It First: Josi Russell, Fleur Camacho, A.L. Knorr

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Science Fiction

Exclusive Stasis Dreams by Josi Russell

Stasis Dreams by Josi Russell

A Caretaker Chronicles story.

After twenty-four years trapped in a nightmare en-route to the planet Minea, Taiver wakes up from stasis to find himself trapped in a malfunctioning pod, submerged in liquid, and unable to move. The ship’s lone caretaker, Hannah, tells Taiver that the sedatives no longer work on him, she can’t get him out of his stasis chamber, and Minea is still thirty years away. Taiver can’t even escape back to his nightmares, and his only companion may be the reason he had them in the first place.

Stasis Dreams is a story set in the universe of the Bestselling Caretaker Chronicles.

Paranormal Romance

Preview The Last Seeker by Fleur Camacho

The Last Seeker by Fleur Camacho

Tristen Winstead just found out that his whole world is a lie.

Tristen discovers that he has a magic so ancient and rare that he’s the last one, the only one, to have it in this lifetime. It’s a power so astounding that, under the wrong influence, the future of whole world could be at risk.

Only one thing can trigger this ancient magic, and she just showed up.


Returning, Episode I by A.L. Knorr

Returning by AL Knorr

Mira is a mermaid on a mission.

It’s time to leave the ocean. Mira Belshaw has been at sea for… well, she doesn’t know how many years. It’s hard to keep track of time when you live in the ocean. But after enough time, the salt water triggers the desire to procreate, and her time is up.

For weeks, she’s been swimming north. Finding a mate is the most important thing to her right now, and to do that, she has to return to the place where she was last human – the coastal city of Saltford.

Equipped with everything she needs to lure her perfect mate and produce a strong siren child, all she needs is the opportunity to mingle with humans. But when she meets Nathan MacAuley, the ONE, things start to go sideways…

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