See It First: Kee Patterbee, Wesley Robert Lowe, Neven Carr

See It First: Kee Patterbee, Wesley Robert Lowe, Neven Carr

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Exclusive The Chef at the Water’s Edge by Kee Patterbee

The Chef at Water's Edge by Kee Patterbee

Hannah Starvling was about to land her new plane in Zebulon, home of the famous Chef Julia Karas. Joined by her two best friends, they are headed to a festival in honor of Ms. Karas but there were suspicions surrounding her death a year ago. The trio is staying at a friend’s house but he was an overzealous fan that is convinced she either faked her own death, committed suicide or was murdered. He has asked Hannah to look into the unsolved case. Regardless, this was going to prove to be a very interesting weekend.

And to top it off, Hannah doesn’t realize that a man, that she has an instant romantic attraction to, would almost jeopardize her investigation.

Now she must find the answers to two questions:

  1. What really happened to Julia Karas?
  2. And more importantly, why was the Chef at the Water’s Edge?


Recruited by Wesley Robert Lowe

Recruited by Wesley Robert Lowe

When four US and Canadian forward air controllers were taken hostage by an Islamic terrorist organization during a blistering seesaw battle in Iraq, CANUS-ETF (Canada United States Expeditionary Targeting Force) knew they had to act fast. A hundred million dollars was demanded and everyone knew there was no way the ransom would be paid.

The best chance for rescue was to deploy a small team of elite combat rescuers. American Navy Seal Captain Jonathan Rogers was chosen to head the mission. His Canadian counterpart was twenty-six-year-old Rayna Tan, the first woman to ever lead a Special Forces operation in the Middle East. She had proven herself as a warrior leader but this mission had exceptional potential perils.

RECRUITED is the opening novella in the new Rayna Tan series. If you like relentless action and adventure, terrifying suspense and mind-bending twists, you’ll love these high stakes thrillers.


Forgotten by Neven Carr

Forgotten by Neven Carr

Every family holds a secret.
How far would yours go to keep it?

Twenty-eight year old schoolteacher, Claudia Cabriati, has no memory of her life before the age of eight. When a strangely familiar woman possessing knowledge of that life is shot and killed in the grounds of Claudia’s home, it triggers a series of brutal murders and the heartbreaking revelation of an unspeakable family conspiracy. Claudia crumbles into a world driven by fear.

With her trust challenged by those she loves, Claudia turns to the mysterious and enigmatic Saul Reardon. Together they embark on a dangerous journey in search of answers.

Set amongst the natural beauty of Australia’s eastern coastline and its richly forested hinterland, Forgotten is a fast-paced mystery thriller that explores the controversial nature of family love and protection, loyalty and self-preservation.

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        1. Thanks Doreen, I’m glad you enjoyed my book. Be sure to click the link at the end of the book and become a V.I.P. Araneya Mystery Club member. You will be the first to know about the release of the next one in the series!

  1. Recruited sounds like an interesting read. The type of book fits into my reading style well, so I hope that it is a great book. Looking forward to it!

  2. Thank you so much for all the interesting reads you provide. I’ve enjoyed so many books and I’ve left reviews without this I just couldn’t afford to buy books.

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