See It First: Kristi Patrice Carter, Nicholas Erik, James Durston

See It First: Kristi Patrice Carter, Nicholas Erik, James Durston

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10 Ways Greater Self-Confidence Can Change Your Life by Kristi Patrice Carter, J.D.

10 Ways Greater Self-Confidence Can Change Your Life

Some people believe that self-confidence is a state of mind, but it’s actually much more than that: it’s a way of life. It’s your tool for achieving your dreams, reaching your goals, and striving for bigger and better, until even the sky is no longer the limit. Self-confidence makes you feel great about yourself, your choices, your life, and your ever-growing dreams while you realize your full potential and start claiming your power.

The trick is to just start, and 10 Ways Greater Self-Confidence Can Change Your Life will help you overcome whatever is holding you back from presenting your best self. In ten simple, highly efficient steps you will learn how to get to the front of the line, gain instant credibility in your personal and professional relationships, feel in control, and reach your true potential.

If you’ve ever dreamed to become as self-confident as that amazing person you admire so much, 10 Ways Greater Self-Confidence Can Change Your Life is your comprehensive guide that will get you on the right track, and help you become the person others look up to.


The Writer’s Productivity Crash Course by Nicholas Erik

Writer's Productivity Crash Course by Nicholas Erik

Frustrated by bogus productivity “hacks” that briefly motivate, but generate *zero* long-term results? Want to fix your discipline woes – forever? Sick of ineffective 21 day challenges that leave you feeling like an overstressed failure?

Enter The *Writer’s Productivity Crash Course*, which blends ancient wisdom with modern science and personal experience into a bulletproof behavioral change system. This short book will show you *exactly* how to produce more words with less effort, using a simple – but powerful – 5 step method.

In this crash course, you’ll discover:

  • why *most traditional productivity “advice” is actually BS*
  • why *habits & routines are the most powerful productivity tools* on the planet
  • how to form bulletproof new habits – and why breaking bad ones almost always fails
  • the art of small wins – and why they almost always outproduce huge goals
  • the *other hidden 50% of productivity* that no one ever talks about
  • the three key mindsets to keep you going long after everyone else has quit
  • 5 step-by-step exercises designed to *jumpstart your productivity immediately*

No more motivational videos. No more “not feeling like it.” Just words – on demand, without resistance. Whether you’re writing your first novel or your twentieth, the *Writer’s Productivity Crash Course* will increase your productivity – right now.


The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Pitch List by James Durston

The Ultimate Travel Writer's Pitch List

A list of 100 travel magazines and websites that accept freelance submissions, plus what they pay and links to their submission guidelines.

Compiled by CNN Travel’s former senior producer of five years, and veteran travel editor and writer.

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