See It First: Lizzie Jay, Stephen Connor, and Al Macy

See It First: Lizzie Jay, Stephen Connor, and Al Macy

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How to Find the Time to Write by Lizzie Jay

How to Find the Time to Write by Lizzie Jay

Are you a stay-at-home parent struggling to find the time to write or in a job with long hours that leaves little time for anything else?

The problem is, you know you’d be fantastic at writing a novel but when could you possibly fit it in?

This book contains everything you need to know about how to find those elusive pockets of time you need to write and what to do once you have found them.

Learn how to discover the time you didn’t think you had, leaving you free to write your novel without adding more stress to your already busy life.
Reprioritise and reschedule so that you can free up time.

A no cost solution to finding more time to write your masterpiece while making sure your family life doesn’t suffer.
Don’t feel guilty by pursuing your dreams – it’s time to feel good about yourself.

Stop wishing to magically find that extra time to write and make it happen for YOU now.


Self Love by Stephen Connor

Self Love by Stephen Connor

‘Are your social skills and confidence lacking?

Do you often feel inferior and don’t value yourself enough?
Are your doubts and fears creating barriers in achieving your goals?
Does your low self esteem leave you feeling depressed or even anxious?

Becoming aware of how your self-worth plays out in your life is essential in building new social skills and a level of confidence that breaks down the barriers in achieving what you want.

Our self-worth affects all our relationships, especially the one we have with ourself. By becoming more aware of how much you value yourself, you can begin to heal any negative gaps between what you think of yourself, and the true reality of a person with unlimited potential.

This concise book will give an insight into how the important aspect of self-worth affects everything we do.

If you want to love, value and appreciate yourself more, ‘Self Love’ will guide you in the right direction.’

Biography/ Memoir

Drive, Ride, Repeat by Al Macy

Drive, Ride, Repeat by Al Macy

Author Al Macy is a character and a tightwad with a unique sense of humor. He and his wife squirreled away enough money to retire early, do interesting things, and take unusual trips. As he puts it:

“Every day I wake up with nothing to do, and by the end of the day, I’ve only gotten half of it done.”

During his working life, Macy was a neuroscientist, computer game programmer, jazz trombonist, chef, CEO, piano player, clam digger, and technical writer.

The book is a journal of a car/bicycle/camping trip from California to St. Louis and back, but Macy promises that “if it starts sounding like one of your brother-in-law’s boring slide shows, I will stop this book, and we’ll turn around and go home. I mean it.”

Interspersed with the journal chapters, you’ll find thought-provoking life tips, stories from the past, and descriptions of Al’s wacky inventions. You’ll hear poignant anecdotes about what happened when doctors discovered a golf-ball-sized tumor in his wife’s brain and how everything they owned burned.

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