See It First: Lori Schafer, Marta Tuchowska, and Ilias Tsagklis

See It First: Lori Schafer, Marta Tuchowska, and Ilias Tsagklis

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Essays on Film by Lori Schafer

Essays on Film by Lori Schafer

This eBook contains two essays on film:

  • On Viewing Hans Richter’s Rhythmus 21: The search for cinematic meaning in one of the most famous early German avant-garde films.
  • The Perfect Filmic Appositiveness of Jack Smith: Impressions of the films of one of cinema’s most eccentric auteurs.


Fruit Infused Water by Marta Tuchowska

Fruit Infused Water by Marta Tuchowska

Enjoy Over 50 Quick & Easy, Natural Spa Water Recipes to Stimulate Your Metabolism, Lose Weight & Feel Amazing

No need to buy unhealthy drinks and sodas that can add up to hundreds of dollars a month!

“50+ Original Fruit and Herb Infused SPA Water Recipes” will help you:

  • Achieve wellness and vibrant health
  • Stimulate your metabolism and lose weight
  • Detoxify your body
  • Stimulate holistic relaxation and provide mental focus
  • Take care of your family’s health
  • Help your children create healthy habits and stick to them
  • Increase your physical stamina and mental alertness
  • Burn fat and get rid of cellulite(specific naturopathy recipes included)
  • Sleep better and embrace holistic relaxation (specific naturopathy recipes included)
  • Prevent hormonal imbalances and mood swings
  • Get up every day feeling full of energy and zest for life
  • Save money and create wellness on a budget
  • Create healthy, alcohol-free drinks that look and taste amazing (very popular at parties as they always grab people’s attention)
  • Avoid sugar intake and increase vitamin intake naturally

It only takes a few minutes to prepare a healing spa water recipe- this new habit can really help you take your health to a whole new level!


My Daily Ritual for Extreme Productivity by Ilias Tsagklis

My Daily Ritual for Extreme Productivity by Ilias Tsagklis

How to accomplish more in one day than other people accomplish in one week!

When it comes to productivity, most people are clueless on how to work efficiently, and more importantly, how to work effectively.

This guide provides a robust framework that will allow you to explode your productivity. Read along to learn how to boost your productivity to levels you never thought possible.

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