See It First: Mark Gillespie, Dean Crawford, and M. A. Robbins

See It First: Mark Gillespie, Dean Crawford, and M. A. Robbins

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Modern Dystopian

Preview The Future of London by Mark Gillespie

The Future of London by Mark Gillespie

This box set contains the first three novels in The Future of London Series.

‘Modern Dystopian at its very best.’ – Kirsten McKenzie, Author of Painted.

The Future of London series is set in a futuristic London that has been cut off from the rest of civilisation. See how it all began in this exclusive Instafreebie sample version.

Space Opera

Survivor by Dean Crawford

Survivor by Dean Crawford

A civilization destroyed. A species doomed to wander the cosmos. A lone survivor feared by all, her voice silenced and her face veiled behind a metal mask.

The Atlantia is all that remains of humanity: a former military fleet frigate turned prison-ship now hunted by a terrifying force and haunted by escaped convicts threatening the survival of her beleaguered crew and civilians.

Trapped in orbit around a foreign world, damaged and low on supplies, the crew of the Atlantia are forced to make a deal with the devil to forge an alliance of murderous convicts, exhausted soldiers and terrified civilians in a last-ditch attempt to confront the technological horror that has consumed mankind.

Humanity’s last stand begins here, and only one woman stands between annihilation and our future…


No Mercy: TBone’s Test by M. A. Robbins

No Mercy: TBone's Test by M. A. Robbins

Seven years after the apocalypse known as the Tilt laid waste to the land, TBone Tosi, son of the council chairman, longs to climb out of his father’s shadow. He’s determined to gain respect by becoming one of the legendary rangers, but his father forbids it.

When a gang leader threatens bloodshed on the citizens of Old Anchorage, TBone sees his chance to impress and journeys into the lawless ruins alone. But life there is cheap, and if he’s to make it home alive he must learn the first rule of survival: Show. No. Mercy.


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