See It First: Michael Beaulieu, Trip Ellington, and Arthur Slade

See It First: Michael Beaulieu, Trip Ellington, and Arthur Slade

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Paranormal Fantasy

Book of Shadows 3: Hunting by Michael Beaulieu

Book of Shadows 3: Hunting by Michael Beaulieu

16-year-old witches Emma, Lia and Shar can’t catch a lucky break. The coven of three’s spells tend to have unintended side-effects, they’ve been the victims of hate crimes, and now witch hunters are on a mission to terrorize and capture them. Witch hunters who are actually working with a powerful black magick witch hellbent on killing the girls so she can steal their magick.

Of course, the hunters have to catch them first and these girls have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. Like becoming hunters themselves instead of just prey.

First, the girls will need to find out where the evil witch and company sleep. To do that – and to defeat them – the girls will call on all of their friends, including Emma’s powerful witch boyfriend, a fireball hurling fairy and an advanced hacker.

Will the coven and company locate the secret lair in time to save themselves? Will they have time to arm themselves with new spells before they go on the offensive? And how can they possibly defeat an evil witch who’s slain and stolen magick from dozens of witches already? Read Book of Shadows 3 and find out today!

Science Fiction
Carbon Copy by Trip Ellington

Carbon Copy by Trip Ellington

What would happen if you could create a perfect copy of yourself, down to the last memory? In this Science Fiction Short Story by Trip Ellington, you’ll discover the repercussions of making a new you.

Learn the story of Dr. Richard Normstine, the inventor of the world’s first neural scanning technology – technology that can backup your brain and dump it into your clone.


Preview Flickers by Arthur Slade

Flickers by Arthur Slade

Isabelle and Beatrice live a glamorous lifestyle in 1920s’ Hollywood. As orphaned twins, they’re the wards of Mr. Cecil, a mysterious and influential movie director who tightly controls every aspect of their lives. He turns beautiful Isabelle into a popular silent film star. With the advent of “talkies” he takes great pride in his latest effort: a horror flick that will showcase the actual sound of Isabelle’s already famous scream.

Throughout these same years Beatrice, disfigured by birthmarks and baldness, is forced to cover her face and spend her days hidden on Mr. Cecil’s estate, away from prying eyes and photographers. Curious and clever, Beatrice has nothing but time to explore forbidden parts of the property. The mysterious appearance of scorpion hornets and the unknown fate of a newspaper man are unsettling, leading Beatrice to conclude that there’s much more to their guardian than meets the eye.

Beatrice’s fierce loyalty to her sister slams up against a most surprising and incredible world, resulting in a page-turning novel, and horror at its finest.


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