See It First: Nick Langenberg, Kyla Stone, and Jack Simmonds

See It First: Nick Langenberg, Kyla Stone, and Jack Simmonds

We love introducing Instafreebie readers to great stories and big ideas. Take a chance on new authors and try great stories from old favorites. See it first every day with Instafreebie and be free to discover authors you’ll love. We’re thrilled to share the latest and greatest from our teen and young adult genres!


The Memory Caves by Nick Langenberg

The Memory Caves by Nick Langenberg

New Space Graduate Diane Steede is on a dangerous assignment. She has been sent to the distant planet of Uhrma to find out what has happened to the other four teams who went there but never returned. It is not long before Diane herself finds herself in serious danger,as the lifeforms that have killed every other person who has ever set foot on Uhrma, turn their attention towards her. Her ex-boyfriend Bruce has a vision of what is happening and he races to the rescue.It is not long through before he is caught in the same trap as Diane and they both sucked into same physical and emotional trap which could cost them their very lives. The Memory Caves is a science fiction novella by author “Nick Langenberg”. It’s a fantastic science fiction adventure with a surprise ending…


Preview Rising Storm  by Kyla Stone

Rising Storm  by Kyla Stone

How far would you go to protect what you love?
In the near future, the lavish Grand Voyager is a bastion of luxury in a devastated world–but only for the powerful, corrupt elite. Yet on this ship, nothing is as it seems.

A privileged heiress, 18-year-old Amelia appears to have it all. But beneath her glamorous façade, she’s desperate to escape the secrets that trap her in a gilded cage. When she meets Gabriel, an enigmatic ship’s officer, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to his roguish charm.

But Gabriel is hiding his own secrets. A covert rebel bent on vengeance, he’s determined to bring the whole thing down in flames–until he finds himself falling for the enemy.

But when rebels hijack the ship, the passengers are thrust into a deadly nightmare. Hunted by enemies, Amelia’s only chance is Gabriel. But can she trust him with her life? And how can he choose between allegiance and love?

With time running out, they’ll have to risk everything to stay alive. For an even greater threat looms, one that could shatter the world as they know it.

Survival is only the beginning . . .


Alfie Brown by Jack Simmonds

Alfie Brown: The Boy With Purple Eyes

A whole new wizarding world. A tested friendship. The greatest of magical quests.

Alfie Brown doesn’t really care that he has different colour eyes to everyone else, he feels normal in his normal school, normal town, normal grandparents and normal(ish) best friend Tommy.

But things take a turn for the strange at the start of their last year of school that throws them into a world of magick (with a K), wizards and evil demons…

After following a white rabbit, Alfie and his best friend Tommy stumble into a corridor in their school that wasn’t there before, before being saved by a man, or more a Wizard, in a cowboy hat.

There is a whiff of destiny in the air as the mysteries about his purple eyes, the whereabouts of his parents and the existence of real magic are set to be revealed…

But when Alfie is attacked and makes an enemy of an evil demon that is intent not just on killing him but on ending the entire world, Alfie knows he needs help.

Just in time, he meets the charismatic wizard Nikolas Wiseman, who introduces Alfie to the magical world, taking him to the magical city of Magicity and helping him in his quest to defeat a very tricky killer demon.

With double crosses at every turn, Alfie struggles with who to trust.

Will Alfie live up to the pressure and save the magical world he’s just found?

Will he find out where and why his parents disappeared when he was a baby?

If Alfie and his friends don’t work out the ancient magical mystery and defeat the demon then everything he knows and loves could be lost forever.

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