See It First: Nick Wisseman, P. A. Wilson, and D. N. Hoxa

See It First: Nick Wisseman, P. A. Wilson, and D. N. Hoxa

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Ghost Writer by Nick Wisseman

Ghost Writer by Nick Wisseman

A dead writer asks you to help him kill. He’s not asking for complicity in a murder, however; he’s asking for vengeance.

The target is a monster of a man who did terrible things to the writer’s family.

The choice is yours: finish the story and help administer justice, or put the tale down unfinished and leave the monster’s fate in someone else’s hands?

Science Fiction

Running The Game by P. A. Wilson

Running The Game by P. A. Wilson

For Jocaster, winning the game last session meant a place in leadership. Anyone who didn’t win was lucky to get assigned anything but the starship maintenance crew and a short life.

Now his faith in the game is rocked because he has to go back in and fix the outcome. Does this mean the game is rigged? Or is this a test of his loyalty?

Paranormal Fantasy

Preview Bone Witch by D. N. Hoxa

Bone Witch by D. N. Hoxa

My name is Winter Wayne, and I’m a Bone witch–minus the magic.

I used to work in the only place in Manhattan that had use for a witch like me, until my boss kicked me out over a job gone bad (not my fault, I swear).

Pure boredom and the lack of company got to my head fast. I was so desperate, I took a delivery job from a complete stranger. It was supposed to be an easy job, clean and simple. It was anything but.

Now, there’s a price on my head and my own coworkers are hunting me down. My mad fighting skills alone aren’t going to be enough to keep me alive. Looks like the time has come to dig out my mother’s bones and complete the ritual that will finally ignite the magic in mine–if I even make it that far.

She never wanted me to be part of the Paranormal world, but she made sure I was prepared for it anyway. I’m finally about to find out why.


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