See It First: Patti Larsen, L.R. W. Lee, and Jordan Ford

See It First: Patti Larsen, L.R. W. Lee, and Jordan Ford

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Science Fiction

Horizon by Patti Larsen

Horizon by Patti Larsen

When a colony ship is attacked by an unknown force and sent crashing into a settlement that has suffered the same fate, eight teenagers, the only ones left behind, have to work together to resurrect an ancient ark ship so they can pursue the aliens who kidnapped their parents.

Paranormal Fantasy

Rock-A-Bye Baby by L.R. W. Lee

Rock-A-Bye Baby by L.R. W. Lee

You’ve heard of the Sand Man. Meet his counterpart, the Sand Maiden.

For fans of Sarah J. Maas and Elise Kova comes the first in a new series. It’s a sprint through the mythos of Dream realm that is emotionally driven, page turning, and addictive.

Alissandra thrills to help her human charges dream. She’s been doing it her entire immortal existence. But unbeknownst to her, the most powerful king in Dream realm has set his sights on Ali’s current charge, Prince Kovis Altairn, to exploit him in his quest to conquer Wake realm.

When Ali discovers the nefarious scheme, she is faced with a decision that will forever alter her fate as well that of Wake. Will she flee Dream, something that could kill her, or stay and hope she can endure the consequences, because cooperation isn’t an option.

Contemporary Romance

Exclusive Preview Curveball by Jordan Ford

Preview Curveball by Jordan Ford

She’s out of her element. He’s driving her crazy. Will they go down swinging or knock it out of the park?
Maddie Barlow thought she had everything figured out. But just six months from high school graduation, her dad moves the family to the crummy small town of Armitage. Just when she’s trying to settle in, her dad pressures the all-boy baseball team to make room for her and her two younger sisters. Between her new classmates and the team’s smooth-talking captain, Maddie has made more enemies than friends…

Holden Carter just watched his playoff dreams go up in smoke. He’ll stop at nothing to make sure the trio of daddy’s girls ride the bench all season. Even if that means toying with their emotions. When the fiery Maddie comes to her little sister’s defense, Holden wonders if he’s finally found a worthy opponent.

Maddie is determined to squash her instant attraction to the handsome, arrogant team captain… and his advances toward her sister. But just as she’s starting to find out that things aren’t what they seem in Armitage, she falls hard for the dashing Holden. When she’s faced with hurting her sister or abandoning a shot at love, Maddie must decide who’s team she’s really on…

Curveball is the first standalone book in The Barlow Sisters Trilogy, a series of simmering YA contemporary romances. If you like high-spirited sweet romance, relatable characters, and a dash of mystery, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s sports romance series.


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