See It First: Paul Casselle, Rai Aren, and Lee Strauss

See It First: Paul Casselle, Rai Aren, and Lee Strauss

We love introducing Instafreebie readers to great stories and big ideas. Take a chance on new authors and try great stories from old favorites. See it first every day with Instafreebie and be free to discover authors you’ll love. We’re thrilled to share the latest and greatest from our mystery, thriller, and crime genres!

Psychological Thriller

Exclusive If the Bed Falls In by Paul Casselle

If the Bed Falls In by Paul Casselle

Not the usual psychological thriller…
Tom Friday, a depressed photographer is plagued with hallucinations. But paranoia turns into reality when he comes face to face with the truth; all his memories are false. Is he really Joseph Miller, a renegade MI6 assassin suffering severe amnesia? And does western society’s survival hinge on him regaining his memory?

Action/Adventure Mystery

Lost City of Gold by Rai Aren

Lost City of Gold by Rai Aren

A dangerous adventure beckons deep in the Amazon jungle…

Reckless treasure-hunter Rick Braeden sets out into the uncharted reaches of the Amazon jungle in a dangerous search for the fabled Lost City of Gold. It’s a quest for an ancient city shrouded in mystery that he believes will place him in the history books and bring him all of the riches and redemption that have eluded him. He also hopes to succeed where more than one hundred others, who were either lost or died in the attempt, have failed. As he embarks on this potentially deadly expedition something, or someone deep in the jungle waits and watches…

Cozy Historical Mystery

Murder on the SS Rosa by Lee Strauss

Murder on the SS Rosa by Lee Strauss

It’s 1923 and young war widow fashionista Ginger Gold makes a cross-Atlantic journey with her companion Haley Higgins to London England to settle her father’s estate. When the ship’s captain is found dead, Ginger is only too happy to lend her assistance to the handsome Chief Inspector Basil Reed.

The SS Rosa delivers a convincing array of suspects–the wife, the mistress, a jealous crew mate. To Ginger’s dismay, her name has been added to the list! With a little help from Ginger’s dog Boss, Ginger and Haley navigate the clues (those wartime operative skills come in handy.) They must solve the case and clear Ginger’s name before they dock–and oh, whatever shall she wear!

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH to the fine folks at Instafreebie for including my archaeology adventure novella Lost City of Gold! It’s much appreciated.

    Happy reading always folks!

    Rai Aren

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