See It First: R.M. Gauthier, Anthony Pryor, Eugene Lloyd Macrae

See It First: R.M. Gauthier, Anthony Pryor, Eugene Lloyd Macrae

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Longing by R.M. Gauthier

Longing by R.M. Gauthier

Longing is the story of a Special Forces Officer and a Business Tycoon becoming unlikely partners in their fight for justice and revenge.

Leroy Johnston, a Special Forces Officer, returns home from Afghanistan after serving 8 terrifying years, only to discover that his nightmare has not ended. After learning that his sister has been missing for months, Leroy sets out to find and bring her home. Meeting Landon Miller, a Business Tycoon and owner of an exclusive club exposes Leroy to a world of corruption that he had no idea even existed.


The Big Fall by Anthony Pryor

The Big Fall by Anthony Pryor

They call him Johnny Diamonds. Johnny D’s for short. He’s a jewel thief, and a damned good one. At least he was until that fateful night when he ran into the masked hero known as The Grey Ghost, the Specter of Justice. Only one of them walked away from the encounter, and… well, let’s just say they wear the same size suit. Now he has to work both sides of the law — boosting ice as the nefarious Johnny D’s, and fighting crime as the dashing Grey Ghost. It seemed like a pretty sweet setup — getting rich off stolen gems while putting his rivals in jail. That was until the night that someone frames Johnny for murder, and he’s forced to don the mask and trench coat of the Grey Ghost once more, this time to prove his own innocence. In the desperate days that follow Johnny has to team up with another masked crime-fighter, the mysterious Phantom Detective, as together they take on a city full of corrupt cops, vengeful mobsters and the mastermind behind behind the whole scheme — a criminal genius that neither of them suspected!


The Chinese President by Eugene Lloyd Macrae

The Chinese President by Eugene Lloyd Macrae

After seeing her best friend murdered, Candy Jossel is on the run to save her own life. And every time she reaches out for help, her nightmare deepens. Somehow she has stepped into a world of assassins, spies, murder and the corruption of the American political system. When private investigator Rory Mack Steele accidentally becomes involved, he and Candy enter into a life and death struggle against the shadowy, ruthless power behind it all. The Chinese president is a fast paced, political thriller that reaches all the way into the White House.

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  1. The big fall is my choice. It sounds a little different than the norm. Anxious to start. One review book finishing right now. Then start yours.

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