See It First: Ruby Loren, Garry and Roy Robson, and Judith Lucci

See It First: Ruby Loren, Garry and Roy Robson, and Judith Lucci

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Cozy Mystery

Parrots and Payback by Ruby Loren

Parrots and Payback by Ruby Loren

A publicity stunt is about to go pear-shaped…

Renowned crime writer, Stephen McClean, has chosen to launch his latest thriller from Avery Zoo on Valentine’s Day. A Valentine’s photoshoot in the lovebird enclosure has been planned, and the zoo is set to benefit from the extra publicity.

But the real reason the crime writer is coming to Avery Zoo has nothing to do with lovebirds… and everything to do with love gone wrong.

Can Madigan solve the mystery and save the zoo from being dragged into a publicity nightmare?

Pick up this funny prequel to the Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries series today and find out where it all began!


Tipping Point: A London Large Short Story by Garry and Roy Robson

Tipping Point: A London Large Short Story by Garry and Roy Robson

A father and son standing together. A brutal political conflict. Can they, and their bond, survive?

Tipping Point, set against the backdrop of the dark days of the 1974 three-day-week crisis and wildcat strikes, follows the fifteen-year-old Harry Hawkins through a crucial, formative week in his life. When his father persuades him to get involved in his strike-breaking activities Harry is launched onto a steep learning curve that will test both his ability to hold his own in a violent street-level struggle and his allegiance to his father.

Can, and should, the strike be broken? Will the son live up to the expectations of the father? Will they get out of the conflict in one piece?

Medical Thriller

The Imposter by Judith Lucci

The Imposter by Judith Lucci


From the Queen of New Orleans Medical Thrillers…


It is hotter than hell in New Orleans and newly promoted Police Commander Jack Francoise is battling horrific crime in the Vieux Carre. At the Psychiatric Pavilion, nurses are doling out Thorazine Slurpees to the criminally insane and viciously psychotic patients in the South. Alexandra Destephano, legal counsel for the hospital is troubled by safety issues and is working hard to protect patients and staff. The violence escalates and brutal beatings and murder become the order of the day as life in the Big Easy becomes Uneasy.


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