See It First: Thomas K. Carpenter, Ian Sutherland, and Hayley Camille

See It First: Thomas K. Carpenter, Ian Sutherland, and Hayley Camille

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Historical Adventure

Fires of Alexandria by Thomas K. Carpenter

Thomas K. Carpenter

The greatest mystery of the ancient world remains the identity of who set fire to the Great Library in Alexandria.

One hundred years later, Heron of Alexandria—the city’s most renown inventor and creator of Temple miracles—receives coin from a mysterious patron to investigate the crime. Desperate to be free of the debts incurred by her twin brother, she accepts and sets in motion a chain of events that will shake the Roman Empire and change the course of history forever.


Exclusive Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland

Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland

Whose side is he on? The drug company curing dementia or the animal rights activists protesting outside?

Brody Taylor exploits the weakest link in all computer systems. Humans. If he’s hired to break into your network, he will target the weakest point. You.

The problem with always manipulating people is that even those closest to you don’t trust you.

And Brody’s just fallen for Melanie, a beautiful, zany animal rights activist. But she’s in love with the character he’s trapped himself in, not the real Brody, social engineer and computer hacker. Can Brody social engineer his way to the truth and save his relationship with Melanie?

A novella that introduces Brody Taylor in a suspense filled standalone adventure. At 60 pages, SOCIAL ENGINEER can be read in under two hours!

Crime Noir

Avon Calling by Hayley Camille

Avon Calling by Hayley Camille

In the seedy underworld of 1940s New York, revenge tastes like cherry pie with a side of lipstick and perfume. The Avon Lady is in town …

Betty Jones is a woman with a dark past, which she paints each day with Avon cosmetics and a picture-perfect smile. She’s created a new life with her naïve-but-loveable husband George, and their children. Despite the protective walls that she has built around her world, Betty is unable to live with the continuing existence of the people who once ruined her, so she embarks on a cold-blooded vigilante mission to be rid of them once and for all.

A Woman’s Work is Never Done is the first episode in the thrilling Crime Noir serialized novel readers describe as “a female Jack Reacher”, “powered as all hell” and “a vigilante superheroine who’s a little bit like Betty Draper and a lot like Frank Castle….”

If you love ruthless revenge, kick-ass action and quirky characters, then you’ll love Hayley Camille’s bestselling serialized novel. You can find continuing new episode releases for this series on Amazon.

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