See It First: Tim Grimes, Alykhan Gulamali, and Michal Stawicki

See It First: Tim Grimes, Alykhan Gulamali, and Michal Stawicki

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Self Help

Wild Calm by Tim Grimes

Are you stressed out and sick of searching for answers? What if it’s much easier to be happy than you thought?

There’s a better way to find happiness than the boring stress reduction techniques and spiritual mumbo-jumbo we’re all used to. The unique recommendations in this guide are unorthodox. They also immediately work – because they’re fun and make practical sense. You can totally change how you deal with anxiety by applying this simple advice. Get your copy and let’s get started.


Calorie Counting Made Easy by Alykhan Gulamali

Are you tired of trying-and failing-to lose weight over and over again?

Are you frustrated by fad diets that control what and when you can eat?

Do you wish getting to your goal weight could be easier and less time consuming?

What if I told you that there was a proven system to lose weight, that it would take you less than five minutes a day, and that you wouldn’t have to give up your favorite foods? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. And it’s not some crazy new diet, either.

What is this magic bullet?

Good old-fashioned calorie counting. In Calorie Counting Made Easy, you will learn why calorie counting is all you need for effective loss weight loss.


The Art of Persistence by Michal Stawicki

The Simple Solution that’s Right Under Your Nose. Though the words consistency and habits may evoke eye rolls and a
feeling of, “That’s too simple!” dive a little deeper and you’ll find the secret formula for success you’ve been waiting for. Michal Stawicki, ex-video game addict turned “Mr. Consistency,” has laid out a veritable formula for getting what you want in life. Whether it’s money, love, fame, a better body, or a better relationship with your kids, The Art of Persistence takes readers step by step from where they’re standing—in chaos, dysfunction, and dissatisfaction—to more happiness and fulfillment. *No more broken promises to yoursel*f—this time it’s really different.

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