See It First: Timothy C. Ward, Ryan Attard, and Andrew C. Broderick

See It First: Timothy C. Ward, Ryan Attard, and Andrew C. Broderick

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Space Opera

Exclusive Preview Ultras by Timothy C. Ward

Ultras by Timothy C. Ward

Long ago, the Rucien people were spirited away to the safety of a distant planet. The discovery of technology that uses memories to fold space has brought back the danger they left millennia ago.

Now Cullen, the exiled son of the Rucien Star General, is given a way home. But first, a mission: rescue a family from prison and escort them through a jungle full of genetic experiments gone wrong. No problem.

In their escape, Ehli and her son, Emmit discover strange powers and the dark secret behind Ehli’s husband’s death. As an ancient power creates unstable abilities, their destiny wrestles with tragedy on the edge of a cliff.

If the dangers they face in Jehu Jungle are only the beginning, the tales of their glory may be short lived.


Exclusive The Pandora Chronicles Book 1 by Ryan Attard

The Pandora Chronicles Book 1 by Ryan Attard

A nomadic alien species found itself trapped on a new-born Earth billions of years ago. And they were here just long enough to leave a legacy behind – buried in our DNA.

1713 – Captain Jack Finnegan’s remarkable success as a privateer gets him the attention of the Order, a secret society with only one mission: finding an ancient alien artifact and hiding it away. Finnegan will need all of his wits, resources, and newfound mysterious abilities, to survive his quest.

2012 – Famous archaeologist Nick Solomon find himself caught in an NSA Black Ops investigation to locate an ancient and powerful relic that could potentially change the world as we know it. Blackmailing Nick into working with them, he has to face off against Astrid, a Spanish crime lord who will stop at nothing to get the artifact first.
Also helping Nick is the beautiful and deadly Agent Excalibur, a lethal secret agent from Nick’s past… a past he is trying so hard to forget.

Join Nick Solomon in his biggest adventure yet, as he explores ancient conspiracies, people with strange abilities, and mysterious alien technology.

Apocalyptic Science Fiction

The Extinction Switch by Andrew C. Broderick

The Extinction Switch by Andrew C. Broderick

Young Kassandra Nishimura is an heiress to trillions of dollars. While she is relaxing with friends, six billion people are instantly exterminated on the other side of the planet. Seung Yi, a despot thought to be long dead, is back. Through the use of a self-replicating artificial virus called the extinction switch, he will wipe out all life on Earth unless humanity cedes the entire planet Mars, with all its cities, to him within six months.

Kassandra’s grandfather Kato, Seung Yi’s arch rival, must successfully launch a counterattack before the clock runs out. This will require a weapon of unprecedented size. Meanwhile, society disintegrates around Kassandra and friends, who are now trapped on Earth. Kassandra falls from the very top of society to being a starving refugee. She and her friends take refuge deep beneath a city. Even that becomes a bloody battle for survival, as the remnants of humanity start fighting each other. But, something awakens in Kassandra’s soul. She was always meant to be more than a rich party girl. Can Kassandra find her true calling, and can Seung Yi be stopped before it’s too late?


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