See It First: Tom Shutt, Mirren Hogan, and Chloe Gerner

See It First: Tom Shutt, Mirren Hogan, and Chloe Gerner

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Exclusive Preview Restless by Tom Shutt

Restless by Tom Shutt

Someone’s digging up the dead, making the spirits restless…

Born before recorded time, Mathers is an immortal—well, sort of. The name of the game: international monster hunter. When things go bump in the night, he responds with shotgun blasts and hellfire. You know, to keep the peace.

Evil is brewing in the small town of Merrygold, Illinois, and someone is making a habit of tossing around skulls and tibias like rice at a wedding. The dead don’t like to be disturbed, and when multiple bodies are desecrated, he’s on the hunt for whatever nasty demon, ghoul, what-have-you is stirring up trouble.

All while taking care of a twelve-year-old girl with a penchant for mischief.

Now that menace has his scent, though, and it won’t be long before the hunter becomes the hunted…

Heroic Fantasy

Nerra’s Run by Mirren Hogan

Nerra's Run by Mirren Hogan

Sometimes you have to take a risk.

On the run from the infamous reasoners, Nerra has devoted ten years to saving children from death at their hands.

Given a warning from an ally, Nerra must now risk herself to free several young lives from their captors. Can she save these children, and her own child from a terrible fate?

Continue Nerra’s terrifying journey.

Urban Fantasy

Book of Carter: Diana by Chloe Gerner

Book of Carter: Diana by Chloe Gerner

Carter has one job: keep the demons of New York in line. Yesterday, one of those demons decided to test him, killing a man that Carter considered family. Today, Carter has to find that demon and do whatever it takes to prove to him, and anyone else, that there is one thing that is true about Carter. If you break his rules, you’re not going to see tomorrow.

This is one of four Book of Carter novellas.


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