See It First: Tony Bertauski, Lee Hayton, and Tim Moon

See It First: Tony Bertauski, Lee Hayton, and Tim Moon

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Drayton (The Taker) by Tony Bertauski

Drayton (The Taker) by Tony Bertauski

Drayton once believed he was a vampire. He doesn’t know what he is. Or why he has lived for thousands of years. He takes not his victim’s blood but the silky essence of their soul during their last breath. Often mistaken for the Angel of Death, his victims sometimes ask for forgiveness. Sometimes he delivers. After all, he is not without sin.

Drayton finds Andrew Drummond dying on the roadside. He absorbs the last of his life, but not before Andrew demands vengeance. In those last moments, Drayton understands what Andrew desires. He sees all of his hardships, the crosses he has been forced bear. Drayton will find the source of his suffering. He will show his transgressor Andrew’s pain. He will show him the depth and taste of true suffering.


The Hare’s Not-So-Spiky Hedgehog by Lee Hayton

The Hare's Not-So-Spiky Hedgehog by Lee Hayton

In this brave new world, it’s hard to be a hedgehog.

People look down on you because of your weird headdress, your strange customs, the family rituals that date back a thousand years. So when our hedgehog finds a good job with a decent wage, she’ll do anything to hang onto it. But with longer hours demanded by a bigoted boss, she’s on the edge of losing everything. If she does, her daughter will be condemned to live the same hard life she and her husband have struggled through.

Working 24/7 isn’t a reality that any person can practice, but is it possible that a married pair of hedgehogs can turn their biggest impediment into their greatest strength?

Apocalyptic Horror

Preview Dead Apocalypse by Tim Moon

Dead Apocalypse by Tim Moon

You don’t expect the zombie apocalypse when you’re on vacation.

The Necrose-7A virus is spreading. It catches up to Ben Chase on his way to Kona, Hawaii for an adventurous trip with his friend Ty. Unwilling to acknowledge the reality of the horrors they witness, they nevertheless find themselves surrounded by flesh-eating monsters – zombies.

The infection spreads virtually unchecked, forcing them into a daring fight for survival. When Ben is faced with a critical decision that places the fate of his friends in his hands, what he must do to save them is unthinkable.

Dead Apocalypse will leave your skin crawling as you follow Ben’s desperate attempt to survive the doomed island paradise.


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