See It First: Matthew Oleniuk, Tssully, and Zack Burt

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Build a New Career! by Matthew Oleniuk

Do you hate your job but feel like you’re stuck in it for life? Want to change careers, but feel like your experience points you in the wrong direction? Do you feel like there are tons of other jobs you could do, but you have a resume that looks a million miles away from what you want?

You’re closer than you think! In Build A New Career!, you’ll learn how to re-package your experience into a resume and a sales strategy that will get you a new future, no matter where you’re coming from. Even if you’ve held the same job for 20 years, your experience can be molded into hundreds of different opportunities – you just need to highlight the right pieces.

Your experience is worth more than you might think – in Build A New Career!, you’ll see just how easy it is to sell your talents the right way!


Nearshore Adventures by Tssully

Todd and Sheryl Sullivan writing as Tssully share their adventures while fishing in the Huron – Erie corridor of the Great Lakes. Novice and experienced fishermen alike will both enjoy their successes and failures and the learning experience that comes along with it, while fishing for multiple species. Whether you enjoy fishing in a lake or river environment, the reader can pick up some new techniques by following them along on their journey.


Exclusive 30 Days to Your First Freelance Programming Client by Zack Burt

Do you already know how to code? Then this book is for you. If you don’t already know how to code, start elsewhere. This is a step-by-step guide, updated for 2017 best practices, on finding your first freelance job as a developer, programmer, coder, software developer or software engineer – for the purposes of the book, it’s all the same thing. This book provides you with a 30 day plan, where each day you make a substantial step forward to finding your first client. I guarantee that if you do not find a programming client within 30 days of faithfully executing this plan, I will personally refund your money (my contact information is in the book; details of the deal are in the book as well) within two years of original purchase.