See It First: Phil M. Williams, A.C. Fuller, and Janice Croom

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Against the Grain by Phil M. Williams

A tyrannical high school principal. A young anarchist with nothing left to lose. One way or another, this place is goin’ down.

Matt Moyer is an orphaned teen growing up on a primitive farm in the Pennsylvania coal region. He’s homeschooled by his eccentric and philosophical great-uncle, who’s a stickler for logic, reason, and intellectual honesty. Despite his uncle’s reverence for veracity, inconsistencies arise regarding the old man’s shady past and the teen’s parents.

Through a harrowing sequence of events, Matt is forced to attend a public school. The feral teen finds it difficult to cope with the hypocrisy, propaganda, and misinformation that adults and children so readily accept. Faced with the possibility of expulsion, arrest, and ostracism, he must make a choice. Will he choose the easy lie or the hard truth?

Adult language and content. Beware of spoilers in reviews.

***** I couldn’t put it down … wonderful story!
I picked up Against the Grain a couple days ago, and decided that I would start reading late last night, about 10:45PM, well at 6:30AM this morning, I finished, all I can say is wow, not only was it a page turner, full of intrigue and insight, but I really identified with the main character, and his world-view. This story is well written. I hope to see a sequel, as I want to know how the story continues.

The one problem with well written stories is that the characters become ‘friends’ and when the story is finished, you must move on without your new friends. Read this book! it is thought provoking and leads you to ask deeper questions than most are used to asking.

*****LOVE LOVE LOVE this book
I loved this book, it kept me up late reading it and today I have not been able to focus on anything else but finishing the book. I rarely give five (5) stars but felt this book was worth every one of the five I’ve given it. It doesn’t sugar coat life, but does show what you can achieve if you are willing to make an effort.

*****Five Stars
This is one of the best books I have read in a long time!

*****A Breath of Fresh Air
The first truly original book I’ve read in a long time.


The Mockingbird Drive by A.C. Fuller

Data Never Dies. But People Do.

Alex Vane was once a top investigative journalist. Now he peddles celebrity gossip and clickbait listicles, watching from a distance as his wife moves on with her life – without him. Alex’s past catches up to him when he learns that an old source, James Stacy, has been killed in a random mass shooting.

But James left Alex one last scoop: a 50-year-old hard drive that may contain a secret worth killing for…and the name of the one person who can help him access the data. That person is Quinn Rivers, a paranoid and reclusive computer expert who believes the CIA is tracking her every move. And she may be right.

When Alex shows up at her door with the hard drive, armed operatives are right behind him. Now Alex and Quinn are on the run. There is no one to trust, nowhere to hide, and nothing but the hard drive to prove that James Stacy’s death wasn’t random at all.


Death of a Saturday by Janice Croom

When Momma calls Kadence answers even on what was supposed to be a lazy Saturday with her boyfriend Terrence. Saturday is canceled because of death as once again Kadence turns amateur sleuth. Sister Hattie, a member of Momma’s church, has confessed to killing her husband, Blind Willie. Since Willie beat Hattie on a regular basis, it’s easy enough to understand why she’d kill him, but would she confess to a murder she hadn’t committed?