See It First: Cassie Rivers, Michelle Somers, and David John

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Cozy Mystery

Key Lime Crime by Cassie Rivers

Kara Summers recently returned to her hometown of Sunny Shores, Florida to start her own food truck business. Little did she know her summer would start off with a bang…literally.

A propane explosion caused the Mama Mia Food truck to flame up, with the owner inside. The police ruled it an accident, but Kara discovers evidence to the contrary. Her inquisitive nature, along with her love for mysteries, won’t let her rest until she uncovers the truth.

Unfortunately, the truth hits a little too close to home.


Cold Case Warm Heart by Michelle Somers

Three deaths, one clue, and twenty-four hours before it’s too late…
Homicide detective Calamity Dresden has twenty-four hours to catch a killer before he kills again and disappears underground. Estranged lover Sebastian Rourke wants justice for his murdered father and every other victim of Melbourne’s sadistic Trifecta Terror. But when the two team up and danger closes in, can they keep their minds on the case and their hands off each other?

A seductive romantic suspense novelette set in Melbourne. Australia.


Sports Day by David John 

When a small English town is haunted by a series of seemingly unconnected murders, DCI William ‘Billy’ Thompson, a street-hardened cop who hoped for a quiet life, a life far removed from a past he wants to stay buried, finds himself pitted against a clever but sadistic killer. A killer who takes pride in the way he executes his victims. And yet he allows some of them to live. Why?

As the investigation falters, Billy wonders if he’s the right man for the job and takes the decision to step down. Until, that is, his daughter is kidnapped.

Now he must succeed at the challenges set him by the killer if he wants to save her life, challenges that push him to the limit – and one that he hoped he’d never have to relive.

In life, as in sport – winning is everything.