8/24: See it First on Wednesday with Science Fiction Ebooks

We know instaFreebie readers are always ready to discover new authors and try great new reads from old favorites, so we’re making our blog a way for you to see it first every day! It’s Wednesday, and we’re thrilled to present the latest and greatest from our sci-fi and fantasy genres!


resurrection ca mchugh

Resurrection by C.A. McHugh

For nearly fifteen years, the people of Elgeus have believed the Raven Bringer was dead, the chaos and destruction of his reign a distant memory.

They were wrong. Now he’s returned, intent on finishing what he started, beginning with the assassination of the young king. And this time, he’s not alone.

It’s up to a disgraced knight and a semi-reformed thief to save the king, but in doing so, they risk exposing themselves to the executioner’s ax. And even if they succeed, will it be enough to pardon them from their pasts?


prescient derek murphy

Prescient by Derek Murphy

My friends think seeing the future is a gift. I could get the answers to any test or win the lottery. But they don’t understand. There is no future. Not one they’d want to live in anyway.

Bodies rotting to nothing in the streets.Humans on the brink of survival. The wilderness eating away at what used to be my hometown. A shadow organization rounding up children. Bands of warring tribes. And let’s not forget the modifieds – the zombie-like remains of what used to be the human race. All I care about now is how to stop it from happening.

The only thing is, the more time I spend in the future, the less I want to erase it. Saving the world might break my heart… I’d be erasing a face, a smile, that I never want to forget.



the dead of sanguine night travis simmons

The Dead of Sanguine Night by Travis Simmons

An intelligent and crafty woman. A loving family. A perfect home. And the secret that could ultimately destroy her.

Margaret Vantasyl has a great life–everything she’s ever wanted and more. She also harbors a secret that threatens her family every day. The Vantasyls are one of the thirteen vampire hunter clans of Danthea. Margaret’s job is to chronicle the vile monsters who plague the streets by night.

But when the women of City Center are being targeted and found dead in abandoned houses, all evidence reports that the deaths are the work of a necromancer. Now, it’s up to Margaret to put her life on the line as the bait to destroy the fiendish power. Will Margaret be able to save herself before she becomes the necromancer’s next victim?

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