See It First: Nikki Steele, Kay Simone, and Charlene A. Wilson

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Exclusive By The Book by Nikki Steele

My fantasies only existed in books until he came along. People say rules are meant to be broken. Not me. I say rules are there for a reason.

It’s why when the handsome stranger walked into my library, the only thing I cared about was making sure he didn’t raise his voice. But then he found my hidden copy of the Kama Sutra. After that? Let’s just say ‘no noise in the library’ was the least of the rules we broke.

He’s everything I should hate-a rule breaker with no respect for books, who gets away with whatever he wants because he’s a rich. He’s got an ex-wife too, and trust me, they don’t get along. Part of me wonders if all the exotic travel and lavish gifts are just a way to get back at her.

But it’s hard to hate someone when every last fiber of my being wants to rip his clothes off. Screw the noise rules-all I want to do is make love to him up against the stacks in my library, over and over again.

Billionaire By the Book is for adults only.

Exclusive The Love Song by Kay Simone

The Love Song by Kay Simone

“The Love Song is a 150,000-word contemporary gay coming of age story with second-chance themes, hurt/comfort, and a happy ending.

How can you trust a second chance with the love of your life?
Casey has never met anyone like Grant: smart, mysterious, and utterly alone.

Grant walks through Casey’s life like a ghost, showing up in the middle of their senior year with no explanation, no history, and no interest in knowing anyone. Casey has plenty of friends, supportive parents to pay for college, and a solid future ahead of him. It should be easy to ignore a new outcast on campus.

But try as he might, Casey is drawn to Grant-and the more he learns, the more he wants to learn.

Paranormal Romance

The Transformation of Anna by Charlene A. Wilson

The Transformation of Anna by Charlene A. Wilson

Obsession. Deceit. Reincarnation.

“My life is a mirage of endless time. But you engulf me, rivet my mind, encompass my soul.”

For centuries, Cole Shilo has harvested the homeless, wiped their memories, and delivered them as servants to the nobles of Cornerstone Deep. He despises what his life has become since he lost his soul mate so long ago.

Still, Cole aims to please, doing whatever it takes to keep the noblemen content. When he is sent to harvest a second-class woman who has broken a new curfew, he expects indifference. But Anna Sinclair’s soul calls to him, and the moment their lips meet, Cole knows he’s made the biggest mistake of his immortal life.

Reincarnation isn’t possible on Cornerstone Deep. Is it?

The Transformation of Anna is the first book in the award-winning Cornerstone Deep series. If you like compelling alpha heroes, gripping love stories, and magical worlds, then you’ll love Charlene A. Wilson’s sensual fantasy romance.

Warning: Contains subject matter that may be offensive to sensitive readers.

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