See It First: Jordan C. Robinson, Tim Moon, and Jay Allan

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Eternity Acts Short Stories: Era 1 by Jordan C. Robinson

Eternity Acts by Jordan C. Robinson
The residents of Ikalga are a newly settled population. The only thing is, their ruler has somehow changed them into animals by night and ensured that no one could get in or out with a giant surrounding wall of flames. No one knows exactly how or why, but these 14 stories are the tales of how the populace deals with the challenges that accompany such a curse.


Dead Escape by Tim Moon

Dead Escape by Tim Moon

For FBI Agents Daryl Jackson and Jessica Stonewall, the zombie apocalypse came without warning, right in the middle of a stakeout.

Things spiral violently out of control when a mob of infected attack. When their target runs, the agents find themselves in a dangerous high-speed car chase through the streets of Washington, D.C. with disastrous results.

Dead Escape will take you on a thrilling ride through the Nation’s Capital at the dawn of the Necrose-7A viral outbreak.

Dead Escape is a 2,000+ word short story set in the world of the Necrose Series and ends with a cliffhanger. Dead Apocalypse is book one in the main series and features the main characters.

Science Fiction

Red Team Alpha by Jay Allan

Red Team Alpha by Jay Allan

Red Team Alpha. An elite military unit. Twenty highly-trained veteran warriors, Mars’ best. They are ready to face whatever dangers threaten the Confederation. They are capable, dedicated, armed with the best technology Mars has to offer. And they don’t exist, at least not officially.

Now the team will be called upon to face its greatest test. On a planet in a newly-discovered system there is a mysterious wreck, the remains of an ancient ship. The discovery is a momentous one, first contact and proof that mankind is not alone in the universe.

It is a job for the Team, but even these crack soldiers will be tested to the limit of their abilities as they uncover the dark horror within, a technological nightmare that threatens the very future of humanity. The soldiers of Alpha will fight, ignoring the odds as usual, but this time they will be caught between two enemies.

For they are not the only ones who know about the ruins. Even now, the notorious Gavin Stark and his Alliance Intelligence forces are on the move, seeking to seize the ancient vessel and the priceless technology within for their own purposes. And they are ready to do whatever is necessary to gain the priceless ship…including wiping out Red Team Alpha completely.

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