See It First: Tom G.H. Adams, Heather Long, and Dale Ivan Smith

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Exclusive Defiled Earth by Tom G.H. Adams

Defiled Earth is a collection of dark tales for fans of Stephen King and Clive Barker. The title story tracks the grim acts of a small-time Newcastle thug and his efforts to bury bodies resulting from his executions. Special Pupil introduces Ken, not exactly your average student. But events move off the scale when the voice in his head tells him to exact vengeance on a community that despises him. In The wardrobe, a prospective political candidate is selected by his local party to run for office. Would party members be so keen to vote for him if they knew about the skeleton in his closet?

The fourth story is a tale of possession, but not by your standard run-of-the-mill demon, however. Deirdre has a special talent, and her skin art is a conduit to a living hell. Head tracks the final thirty minutes of a condemned man. He is sentenced to death by guillotine for performing illegal genetic experiments. But he has one last experiment to perform before he says goodbuy to those watching.

Lusus naturae is the longest story in the book. It’s Beauty and the beast in reverse. An aristocrat purchases a monster, never realising that his obsession with her leads him on a path to ruin.

Finally, Prophecy and pork chops lands the reader in Death Valley, where four spectral individuals wait to meet the Devil’s right hand man. Hex is his name, and he doesn’t tolerate failure when trying to orchestrate the end of the world.
This is Tom G.H. Adams’ debut, but it’s only the start of a chain of tales to issue from his dark pen.

Contemporary Fantasy

Earth Witches Aren’t Easy by Heather Long

Earth Witches Aren't Easy by Heather Long

He’s supposed to be dead…

Nearly a decade ago, hedge witch Chance Monroe’s life irrevocably changed. She survived the attack of a serial killer. His death should have set her free.

But he’s killing again…

When her ex-lover shows up on her porch, Chance isn’t ready to hear Randall Oakes is still alive and less prepared for the sea of emotion swamping her. One man wants her dead and the other just wants her. When the FBI offers protective custody, Chance refuses. Connected to the earth, Chance must rely on her supernatural senses and her wits to survive this game of cat and mouse.

This time, she plans to teach her hunter a lesson…

In the farm rich countryside of her native Northern Virginia, Chance must confront her troubled past, a supernatural adversary and a sizzling passion that’s lain dormant for years to survive….

Earth witches aren’t easy targets…

Science Fiction

Nullified by Dale Ivan Smith

Nullified by Dale Ivan Smith

How can you be a prisoner and still remain free?

Mathilda Brandt was a teenaged super-villain, convicted of using her power illegally. She was sent to Special Corrections at sixteen for life. Now, two years later, blocked from using her power, she’s given a chance to learn about her sick grandmother’s fate.

But the price is betraying herself.

“Nullified” is set between the Empowered prequel novella “Renegade,” and “Empowered: Agent,” Book 1 in the series, which are both also available for free right now on instaFreebie!

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