See It First: J.B. Brooklin, Alexa Kang, and Arthur Slade

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Black Sacrament by J.B. Brooklin

Black Sacrament by J.B. Brooklin

It shouldn’t have happened. It was impossible. And still, she had seen him, although he was invisible to the eyes of humans

Sariel Baldwin, orphan and niece of the New York banker Harold Baldwin, is just about to recover from the loss of her parents when she meets Alexander, a fire demon set out to avenge murder. She doesn’t know that her uncle is the focus of Alexander’s mission. And that is just the beginning …

Historical Romance

Preview Eternal Flame by Alexa Kang

Preview Eternal Flame by Alexa Kang

“Last night, I loved you a lifetime and more.”

16-year-old Julia Olsen’s world is falling apart. Her quarterback boyfriend broke up with her. Her family’s new home under renovation is a mess. Her high school counselor won’t stop harping on about her grades. A time-traveling WWII soldier crashing into her room is the last thing she needs.

In 1944, 18-year-old Edmond Ferris answered the draft and headed to war in France. A chance discovery brought him home to Chicago…in 1989! He’s back in his own room, except a strange girl is living in it. She drives a Japanese car and she listens to Milli Vanilli, a German band.

Is their encounter an error in time or a will of fate?

Find out in this timeless tale of two young people whose love for each other knows no bounds.


Shades by Arthur Slade

Shades by Arthur Slade

An eclectic collection of spine-tingling, gut-churning, irreverent, dark, fantastical, and sometimes downright hilarious short stories by the Edgar-nominated author of DUST and THE HUNCHBACK ASSIGNMENTS. Slade’s writing style has shades of Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, William Gibson, and Ry Cooder. And he has an eye for odd details and macabre situations that is all his own.

Stories include:

Stubb – a boy named Stubb will prove he’s a werewolf one way or another.
Virtual Dragon – in the future Kung Fu movies will rule the box office and wars will be fought over the proceeds.
Jesus Busts A Bronc – a special appearance by Jesus at a small town rodeo. A miracle? And what is Judas doing there?
Bubbles: The Diary of Terrance Winslow – some neighbors are much, much worse than others.
Snow White and the Seven Elves – how to win the kingdom and look good while doing it.
Garbage Day – One never knows what’s really in the garbage.

Sixteen startling stories in all.

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