See It First: Nicholas Erik, Brandon Ellis, and Chris Brooks

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The Indie Book Marketing Crash Course by Nicholas Erik

The Indie Book Marketing Crash Course by Nicholas Erik

No hacks. No BS. Just a simple, repeatable system to selling more books.

Struggling to gain visibility for your self-published fiction books? Wondering how to get a great cover or write a compelling blurb that turns browsers into eager buyers? What about how often you should release – and in what genre? The Indie Book Marketing Crash Course gives you the exact tools and strategies you need to start selling more books now.

In this crash course, you’ll learn:

  • how online retailers market and sell books – and how to leverage these systems to sell more books
  • the most critical piece of marketing you need to do before writing a single word
  • how to amplify the effectiveness of each marketing dollar
  • the Ultimate Book Marketing Formula derived from personal experience and careful study of best-selling indie authors
  • common cover pitfalls – and why your current cover might be killing your sales
  • multiple blurb writing formulas that turn browsers into buyers
  • how to get your first email subscribers – even if you’ve never had a mailing list
  • 5 step-by-step action exercises designed to jumpstart your book marketing efforts right now

With simple, step-by-step instructions derived from selling 50,000+ books and studying bestselling indie authors, The Indie Book Marketing Crash Course will help elevate your fiction sales to the next level.


Juice Fast Challenge by Brandon Ellis

Juice Fast Challenge by Brandon Ellis

Imagine losing 5, 10, or even 15 pounds in just 10 days. Imagine “wanting” to exercise and move your body, not because you have to, but because you crave to. Imagine clarity of mind, ease of body, and feeling young again.

This can all be attained from a juice fast by bringing abundantly rich nutrients to your body while helping to eliminate the toxins that have clogged so many areas of your mental and physical life. In my step by step book, you’ll learn how to successfully run your own 10 day juice fast and, if you so choose, you’ll learn how you can join a group of juice fasters and jump on the juice fast 10 day challenge with them.


Two Legs, Three Legs, Four Legs by Chris Brooks

Two Legs, Three Legs, Four Legs by Chris Brooks

Meet the “Gang of Four”, Seamus, Shannon, Minnie and Duncan the Canine Tripod.

All Rescue Dogs, they became firm friends over the years. Their story was told in Book One. “The Long, The Short and The Tall. Life with Rescue Dogs.”

Now the Gang rides again! Read some more of their stories: happy stories, scary stories, but always true stories. Enjoy a walk out with them over Pendle Hill. Learn how Duncan almost lost another leg!

Whether you laugh or cry, this book will move you.

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