See It First: Julian North, C.B. Stone, and J. Naomi Ay

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Dystopian Thriller

Rise of Order by Julian North

Rise of Order by Julian North

In an America on the brink of collapse, five classmates are returning home on a private aircraft when something goes terribly wrong. Instead of returning to the privileged enclave of Buckhead, the plane lands in the heart of divided, violent, Atlanta. And that is exactly what one of them wants. The debts of the past are coming due, but one person’s revenge is another’s opportunity… Come bear witness to the birth of a dark revolution.

Rise of Order is a standalone novelette that takes place in same universe as the award-winning Age of Order Saga. It’s a fantastic way to be introduced to this dark-tinged future, or just a thrilling and thought-provoking way to spend an hour or two without committing to an entire novel.

Science Fiction Romance

Desperation by C.B. Stone

Desperation by C.B. Stone

It looks like paradise. Looks can be deceiving…

Is it really too much to ask that when a hot guy finds a perfectly awesome girl washed up on the beach, they be just a little bit amazed and enthralled? Really? I don’t think that’s a lot to ask. Little Mermaid ring any bells, mister?

Jumping ship in the middle of the ocean probably isn’t the wisest move Reagan has ever been accused of.

When she washes up on a remote beach and finds herself staring into a gleaming set of irritable eyes, attached to an even more irritable man, (one that happens to be ridiculously attractive), it almost makes her wish she’d made friends with the sharks.


When she’s brought to a utopian haven in the middle of the ocean and introduced to a small village of people, she’s just grateful it’s not Grandy Island Reintegration Camp.

From the stories she’s heard, anywhere is better than that hell hole.

In fact, this place looks downright inviting. A place she (and her secrets) might even be safe in. Will she find out just how deceiving looks can be?

This is book 1 in a young adult dystopian trilogy with darker themes, and elements of romance. An island adventure, packed full of twists and turns and so action packed you won’t want to put it down. Cliffhanger endings, please read the books in order!

Space Opera

A Thread of Time by J. Naomi Ay

A Thread of Time by J. Naomi Ay

It was clear to Lance that his father hated him. Why else would he leave everything to Hank, except for that coin? You know, the one with some dude’s head on it, the ancient Euro or whatever it was. Except it wasn’t a Euro according to the pawnbroker. Turns out, it’s an old Imperial Coin from the days of the Great Emperor, and it might be worth a whole lot of dough on the other side of the galaxy, if Lance could somehow manage to take it there.
But, how does a guy, who owes the hospital a lifetime’s worth of earnings, manage to travel across the stars? Turns out, he can do it for free. Not only that, but he can get three squares a day, an apartment complete with roommates, and two sets of clothes, albeit in spandex. It’s like prison, but with benefits. It’s SpaceForce.

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