Author Spotlight: Kathleen Rovner and S. J. Pierce

Kathleen Rovner

When Lightning Strikes by Kathleen Rovner

Any (not-so-secret) pen names: That is my super secret pen name 😉. I like to be as mysterious as my characters.
Favorite genre to write: Paranormal romance or paranormal suspense. Kissing and adventure, with a bit of magic – what’s not to love!
Favorite genre to read: Romance of any type AND Suspense, why chose one when there are so many adventures to live!
My readers would be surprised to know… that I write during the edges of the day. You know those times when you’re barely awake so the story feels like a dream.
You should pick up When Lightning Strikes because…it is the first book in a series of suspenseful young adult fantasy novels with a touch of romance. If you like captivating stories, strong female characters, and mysterious paranormal twists, then you’ll love this series.
Describe When Lightning Strikes in one word: Mysterious. I was going to say ‘Striking’ lol
The best part about being an author is being able to live as many lives as you want in your stories and bringing the reader along for the ride.

S.J Pierce

Exclusive Captivate Me by S. J. Pierce

Any (not-so-secret) pen names: S.J. Pierce IS my pen name. But shhhh… it’s a secret!

Favorite genre to write: Young Adult Paranormal and Fantasy are by far my favorite. It’s a time when the world is at your fingertips and life hasn’t had time to harden your perspective on love. The possibilities are endless, and it gives me more room as a writer to shape and evolve the characters. Throw in Paranormal elements to give it that extra layer of magic and wonder, and you have yourself a dang good story!

Favorite genre to read: Right now I’m hooked on Mysteries and Thrillers. Blake Crouch is my go-to when I need something harrowing and suspenseful… and I can sacrifice sleep for a few nights.

My readers would be surprised to know that I… Have a huge fan crush on Quentin Tarantino! I’m first in line for any movie he releases. The man can weave a story and write some dialogue!

You should pick up Captivate Me because… It’s an electrifying mix of romance, suspense, and all things paranormal! A little bit of everything is thrown in there.

Describe Captivate Me in one word: Spellbinding

The best part about being an author is… There are endless reasons why I love being an author, but if I had to choose just one, it would be finding and connecting with readers! They’re my heart and soul as a writer. That’s why I love InstaFreebie – it allows me to do both. It’s been the most valuable tool I’ve found!